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No Hoe
Choppa Dance
Keep it on the D-Lo
Top Down
Start Of A Dynasty
Nothing To Hide
Tic Toc
100 Bandz
Lord Forgive Me (Feat. Sleepy D, Hongry, Dot (The Mekanix))
Trade Seats (Feat. Lil Goofy, Boo Banga)
Redrum (Murder) (Feat. Flo, Boogie)
Back To The Money (Feat. Flo, Boogie, Nht Chippas)
Get Her Tho (Feat. Tyga)
Show Her
Do Me (Feat. J Stalin, Dot (The Mekanix))
Keep It On The D-Lo (Feat. Mitchy Slick, Compton Menace)
You played me - dirty