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Civil War And Isolation Thirst
Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps
Rock N` Roll High School Murder
The Last Goodbye Of Smile And Bone
Burn This Bodies To The Ground
Those We Leave Behind
Intro: We Dance With Monsters
The Denouement
The Ship Of Pills And Needed Things
Don`t Wake Up
The Dead Girl Epilogue: Part One
Dark Carnival Of The Immaculate
Bone Garden
The Most Beautiful Nightmare: Part Two
Killer Likes Candy
Set Me Free
Eulogies And Epitaphs
Kiss Me Like You Wanted/I Will Never Tell
They Always Come Back
Beyond The Hourglass
Lovers` Requiem
Interlude: Remember This Face, Baby
Pretty People Never Lie - Vampires Really Never Die
Of Masques And Martyrs
This Is Home
We Are Always Searching
Saddest Story Never Told
Smile Of A Jesus Freak
Make Me Believe This Is Real
Our Friend Lazarus
The Ship Of Pills And Needful Things
Crossing The River Styx
Kiss Me Like You Wanted - We Will Never Tell by I Am Ghost
So, I Guess This Is Goodbye
Buried Way Too Shallow
Killers Like Candy