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Federal Death Alliance
Conformed To Fiction
Extermination Process
Damnation: Enslavement
Predetermined Path
Infinite Corruption
Putrification Of The Population
Misery Cloud
Through The Eyes Of The Killer
Destroy the Weak
Final Hour
We Are Violent People by Nature
Tomb Sleep
Nworb Ydoc
The Dot
Eternal I Sleep
Whoop Dat Trick
Pale Skin
Blurred Vision
Weak Minds
Not The End
Don`t Give Up
Pillow Talk
Clear Head
Love Is Dead Part 2
Shadow Man
Fuck Your Claim
Human Waste
A Dark Hole to Crawl Into
Unsung Beauty
Black Heart
God Has No Place Within These Walls
March On
Now You`re Going to Be Famous
As They Burn Alive
My Choice My Pledge
I, Tormentor
The bad man
Amidst The Bloodshed
Alea Iacta Est